Let’s Get Wild!

I was a little scared when I read the title of this week’s challenge, which comes from Dianne Milliard “Ramblingranger“… My wild side, if it ever existed, must be rusty.

But I felt relief when I read that Dianne refers to wild nature, I liked her phrase “Please share with us the wild places, plants and beings that are close to YOUR heart!

Immediately my thought has gone to the Pyrenees, my dearest mountains.

Mountains and valleys to travel at any time of the year.
Aguas del Pirineo
The rivers that descend from the Pyrenees are brave and cold…
Vall d'Ossau
…with transparent waters.
El rio que viene de la Galia
Running through ancient rocks.
Wonderfully colored
Walking through its forests is wonderful. Some are protected areas like this in the Ordesa Natural Park.
Living forests, new life emerges from the ground covered with dead leaves.
Sra.Araña / Mrs.Spider
In the Pyrenees live bears, foxes, deer, among others, but the wildest thing I have ever encountered could be this little spider.
Small treasures.
Seta / Mushroom
In another place I would have dared to clean the scene a little, to photograph the mushroom better, but those forests are like sanctuaries and I prefer to leave everything as it was.
Aguileña Pirenaica
Beauties like the Pyrenean Aquilegia

Posted as part of Lens-Artists: Let’s get Wild!


20 thoughts on “Let’s Get Wild!

  1. What a beautiful post, Ana. Thank you for sharing your special places with us. I especially like the red rock water image and that crazy beautiful spider.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can see why the mountains are your sanctuary, Ana. Lovely images. I especially love the image of the mountains through the mist. What a wonderful place to enjoy nature and its beauty.

    Liked by 1 person

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