Cool Colors – Blue and Green

Very cool! this week Tina invite us to share images in blue and green including its terciary colors.

Let’s start with this little blue butterfly among green stems
The blue team of trawlers stretched before they started. Once on the river they were much more coordinated.
Blue pansy
Blue bridge surrounded by vegetation, on one of the rivers that arrive to my city.
The Water Tower, with its drop shape, is located in one of the most important parks in Zaragoza. Both the park and the building were created for the 2008 International Exhibition held in my city, with the theme “water and sustainable development”.
In the gardens of Aranjuez (Madrid) this peacock walked proudly as owner and lord of the place.
Linum narbonense or blue flax, is a flowering plant in the family Linaceae. Satiny sky blue flowers, borne on wiry stems, appear in late spring, last through mid-summer, and open fully only on sunny days
Says a legend, which I just invented, that in the beautiful and green Valley of Baztan (Navarra-Spain) the sky became so jealous of its beauty that he wanted to dye it blue to take away its splendid green.
But the powerful witches of the Baztan prevented it. Though they were generous witches and allowed the sky to approach the valley some days, covering the green valley with its blue mist.

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27 thoughts on “Cool Colors – Blue and Green

    1. Thank you very much, Tina. This little butterfly was very kind and allowed me to take several photos of her from very close.😘


    1. Thank you very much, Ann-Christine. I have been to Baztan twice and would love to go back, it is a beautiful place. I’m sorry I don’t know the butterfly’s name, but Amanda sounds great to me😘


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