Spots and Dots

I was in the kitchen having breakfast while reading this week’s Ann-Christine challenge and thinking about what photographs might fit, I looked back and found the first one.

And since I had taken out the camera, I remembered the little giraffe with its soft spots

Sitting in front of the computer, I looked for some pictures that I made, a few years ago, in the presentation of one of the tales of my friend Anabel La Ventana Mágica, translated into Braille. It was a very special presentation, full of emotion, for me it was the first time I saw someone read in Braille. You can see more photos from the link in the title of the tale.

My Lensbaby is perfect for colored spots.

Dots of light, colored spots.

Watery spots.

Posted as part of Lens-Artists: Spots and dots


23 thoughts on “Spots and Dots

  1. This is wonderful, Ana! I love that you included Braille in your collection. Perfect! And the colander is a great addition, too. I’m so glad you shared our collection with us! Take care and have a good week.

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    1. Thank you very much, Patti. It was fun to take the camera out for a while and walk around the house looking for dots and spots. The braille reading was an almost magical moment 😘


  2. Great and varied selection, as usual, Ana! Love especially the kitchen utensils and the Braille reading. So well photographed.


    1. There is a rumor among my friends that I spend more time in the kitchen, taking photos than cooking. It’s a baseless rumor, I assure you. 😜
      Thank you, Robert 😘

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