Amy encourages us this week to share the beauty of the gardens. So I’ll take a tour of some of those I’ve visited.


Kensington Gardens inspired the author, J.M. Barrie, to begin the story of Peter Pan. In fact, the statue is located at the exact point where Peter appears in the first version, and it was placed in that place by the author himself in secret one night – since he was denied the necessary permission to place the statue there. He planned everything meticulously, as he also published an article in The Times that day, telling the children that Kensington Gardens was expecting a surprise… And so, on May 1, 1912, «magically» appeared the statue of Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens.


The gardens of Paris are very well maintained.


Strolling through the beautiful streets of Mons (Belgium), we found this small and quiet garden, which invited to rest.


Side view of the facade of the Royal Palace with the front gardens.


Gardens in the Schönbrunn Palace, built in the 17th century, it was the huge summer residence used by the imperial family.


The Royal Palace of the Magdalene surrounded by a colorful garden, it is located in Santander one of the most elegant and stately cities in Spain.


The gardens of Retiro in Madrid, a place to get lost.


Did you think my city would not come out? Here we also have gardens…

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17 thoughts on “Gardens

  1. My goodness Ana, you DO get around!! Lovely gardens around the world. It’s interesting that here, as there, those who in the past led the most privileged lives have at least left some incredible beauty behind for the rest of us to enjoy. It makes me happy to be living now rather than then 😊. Beautiful images as always.

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