Hope is Reborn

No matter how desperate or gloomy things may seem,

there always comes a time when, all of a sudden,

our spirit revives and hope is reborn.

That’s why we should never give up.

Daisaku Ikeda

I woke up optimistic today, I think there are reasons. In Spain today the state of alarm is ending, let us hope that everything is going well and that we do not have to turn back. Also next Monday I will get the first dose of the vaccine, so, although this is not over, we start to look with hope to the future.


6 thoughts on “Hope is Reborn

    1. We all hope so, but tonight at twelve o’clock there were already groups of people celebrating on the street the end of the state of alarm. 😟

      This image is old, I think I would do it with a normal lens and a magnifying filter, I don’t remember it very well.

      Thank you very much, Anne 😘


      1. Aren’t people funny no matter where they live. We’ve had the same happen here. You make a little progress and the partying begins. Then you’re back in lockdown. Yikes! California has a tiered system based on certain criteria. When your county meets the criteria, you gain more access. In Sacramento County we can now eat inside restaurants and be with other people who have had their shots.

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        1. It’s something like that here. The main thing is that now we can move around the country, until now we could not leave our community and we can also leave home between 11 at night and 6 in the morning, before it was forbidden. However, there are still certain restrictions on access and meetings. There are also some localities that are confined, depending on the level of contagion. But even if they let us do more, it doesn’t mean we go crazy. The virus is still there and people are dying. Take care of yourself, Anne. 😘

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