Dreaming Road

I am dreaming roads 
of the afternoon. 
The golden hills, 
the green pines, 
the dusty oaks!… 
Where will the road go? 
I go singing, traveler 
along the path… 
- The evening falling is-. 
"In my heart I had 
the thorn of a passion; 
I managed to pull it out one day: 
I no longer feel my heart".

Excerpt from a poem by Antonio Machado, who was a Spanish poet and one of the leading figures of the Spanish literary movement known as the Generation of ’98.

It is not easy or convenient to translate poetry, that’s why I leave the original version below.

Yo voy soñando caminos
de la tarde. ¡Las colinas
doradas, los verdes pinos,
las polvorientas encinas!...
¿Adónde el camino irá?
Yo voy cantando, viajero
a lo largo del sendero...
- La tarde cayendo está-.
"En el corazón tenía
la espina de una pasión;
logré arrancármela un día:
ya no siento el corazón".

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