Focusing on the Details

Yesterday afternoon, while I was resting on the sofa, I remembered that this week’s challenge was going to be to “focusing on the details” and I started to think about what photos I could recover from the archive…But then, it occurred to me that I could still take the Tamron 90 out of the drawer and do something new… Uffs, it was a little late to leave home and it was also very windy…. and if I went on “safari” in the rooms.

The hunt didn’t start badly. The little bear-bookmaker, who watches over my dearest books, and the little stuffed animal, stuck on the memory board, served me to connect with the Tamron 90. It’s so easy to photograph with it.

A bit of nature, the tamron gets along very well with it. But I have to remember to clean the dust well, the Tamron detects everything.

A little flirtation… the old jewelry box and the earrings, I inherited from my mother, and some brushes for those little tweaks…

Something started to beep in the kitchen… beep, beep, beeeeeep.

Oh!!!! the washing machine had finished…

The daily chores forced me to give up my creativity… and my husband, deaf to the beeps, it seems that only I heard it. 🤨

Very well, then towards the kitchen with camera included and not in a very good mood. 🤬

While I was laying clothes, my photographic mode turned on… I couldn’t resist.

And without leaving the kitchen, a few more shots….

Colored straws are always a great idea.

The caps for the infusions jumped with joy when they were photographed. Let’s leave the kitchen…

Some of my friends: Vicky the Viking, the minion Bob and my dear Dobby.

And to finish the latest addition to my photobook library, gift from my husband for my birthday. I’ll forgive his apparent deafness. 😇

The Suffering of Light by Alex Webb.

A true gem!!!

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25 thoughts on “Focusing on the Details

  1. Well Ana, I always look forward to your posts as you have the most interesting photographic eye. What a treasure trove of details you found just from a wander around the house! I loved them all (and had to laugh at your husband’s deafness, mine suffers from it as well!) but I suppose Dobby steals my heart as do your little bear and giraffe. The straws of course are wonderful too.

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  2. These detail images tell stories, Ana. You are creative! These colored straws are well captured. Thank you for sharing the special jewelry box and the earrings with us.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is wonderful, Ana. Like Tina, I always look forward to your posts. Your photographic eye is wonderful! I love how you captured the straws, clothes pins, and little toys around the house. And you’ve given me a great book to read. Thanks! And as for “deaf” husbands, I totally understand. They are very lovable, though!!


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