Getting to Know You

This week Priscilla encourages us to go deeper into our interior and analyze what we photograph and the relationship we have with it, a task that does not seem easy to me.

I could tell you about flowers and bugs, how I like to photograph them, getting very close, but always with a lens between us. Of how my gaze is changing and I do not always see them the same. When, before, my obsession was sharpness, now I find beauty in the blur. But that’s what I’m talking about on the blog lately Blurry

I almost prefer talking about places I photograph.

I really like walking the streets of my city, you’ve noticed that, haven’t you?

I also like to travel to other cities, but just enough time to visit them and come home soon. But I’m really grateful to have been able to visit other countries, I think that helps to understand that people are very similar everywhere, although there may be cultural differences, basically we have the same pains, the same joys, the same problems and the same feelings.

From time to time I also go to the sea and enjoy it, but I don’t really like lying on the sand, so I prefer to walk around it.

I love the mountains! I think it also shows on the blog. The Pyrenees is close to my city, in a little over an hour’s drive, I can enjoy these views..

Well, these are better…

In summary:

  • I like being at home, knowing the place, helps me to be more comfortable.
  • Traveling has made me feel closer to others. (I think the blog also helps that)
  • I’m a little picky I don’t like sand! 🙃 but I like the sea.
  • Although I am a city girl, I also find myself comfortable in the mountains. They make me realize how insignificant we are and remind me that we are not the kings of the universe and that it would be good for us to learn once and for all to take care of our environment.
  • Another thing that you can see in my photographs, you won’t see many people. Well, yes, I think sometimes I am a bit antisocial. Who’d say having a blog, right?
  • Sometimes I think I have a split personality, an outgoing and a shy one, they even have different names… I’ll tell you another day. 😜
  • I’m talking too much about myself, my shy part is going to have a hard time hitting the publishing button…😬

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17 thoughts on “Getting to Know You

  1. Beautifully done Ana, somehow I do feel I know you better after this one. You might add “I really love photography” to your ending list, as clearly you have an amazing eye and a wonderful talent.

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  2. Oh Ana, I love this post! Can I copy it and make it mine? We are so much alike. I’m shy, but people don’t believe it. I’ve been wondering what to post with this challenge, and you did it so beautifully. Your words and images are simply beautiful. Take care!

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  3. I am glad to have the chance to get to know you through your blog; you are a window to an entirely different part of the world from me! I recognize your affection for the beauty around you, in history and culture and nature. And I love your experimentation and the way you study visual effects like blurriness and focus, bubbles and flowers, and so many other things! You are really quite creative. Thank you for sharing your gift!


    1. Thank you Robert. Ufff, I don’t know, sometimes, it also complicates life… 😝 I hope you are well, yesterday I heard on the news that in Italy normality is gradually recovering.😘

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      1. Thanks, things are slowing improving but there are many concerns for the next two, three weeks because too many people not respecting the most elementary precautions, like wear a mask and keep distances. Not to mention the hands…
        I got the first vaccine shot and my wife will have her in a couple of days.

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  4. Hi, Ana. I think you and I share some of the same traits–love of travel, love of the seashore, but not lying in the sand, love of the mountains and new places, being a city girl, and being an introvert! I especially love your photos of the sunset at the beach and your views of the mountains. Take care and enjoy the week.

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    1. Thank you, Patti. Even the introverted part of me is delighted to share so much with you. Take good care of yourself too. 😘


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