Why, lately, do I like blurry images better than sharp ones?

When searching the Internet for the words “blurred images”, most of the results are “How to fix blurred images?” “No more blurry pictures!”…

Don’t you think that sometimes we are obsessed with perfection and that takes us away from emotions?

The blur is part of our life:

  • Life is far from perfect, no matter how hard we try, but that shouldn’t keep us from enjoying it.
  • My vision is getting blurry, it’s an age thing, without the glasses everything around me becomes like these pictures.
  • Our eyes are blurred by tears, which are born of pain or joy.
  • The world becomes blurred in our memory by the passage of time.
  • The outline of our bodies is blurred by old age.

Okay, maybe it’s an age thing, I get it… But, actually, I think I just like them, they give me more options, let my imagination play. In this I can almost feel the soft breeze of the moment.

I’d love to hear your opinion.


5 thoughts on “Blurry

  1. Ana, I love your lens baby blurry images. Really, only one spot in the image needs to be sharp. At least that what the judges say in a competition when it comes to flowers. It’s not easy to get sharp and blurry in the same image. It requires a steady hand and wide open lens. Photography is an art and the beauty of art is in the eye of the beholder. Enjoy and feel great about your blurred images!

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