Taking Flight

I don’t usually take pictures of birds. With mostly angular lenses, it’s not easy. Why don’t I have telephoto lenses? I guess I’m not too interested in what’s far away.

For the challenge of Tina I have searched for the file and above all I have found many doves, my city is full and they usually let me get a little closer.

Guards of the wall. It is very possible that when the Romans built this wall, there were pigeons already there.
I’m watching you!
Come closer now!

This fountain is forbidden to bathe, but that doesn’t go with them.

Don’t take another step or I’m out!

Posted as part of Lens-Artists: Taking Flight

16 thoughts on “Taking Flight

  1. What a fun set of images, Ana. I especially love the one with their wings fluttering and the last one. I wonder if you’ll ever get a telephoto lens??? Um… I hope all’s well. Take care.😀


    1. My Tamron 90 would be a 135 mm. but the use I give it is for macro. I once used a zoom up to 300, but I got bored with so many shooting options, wide, tele…🙄

      Thank you very much, Patti. Today is holiday in my community and we can take advantage of a slightly longer weekend to escape to the Pyrenees, in a while I will be enjoying a change of scenery. How about you? I hope everything goes well.😘

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      1. Oh, you can go to the Pyrenees! Wonderful. We are taking some small trips to Maine next month, but it will be so nice to have a change of scenery. Enjoy, Ana!


        1. Life has surprises, sometimes not very pleasant. In the end I had to stay in the city, because of the death of a very dear family member, they just told us yesterday, when we already had the bags at the door. My husband, my son and his partner have gone to the mountain. I will have to wait another time. 😢

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        2. Ohh….I’m so sorry, Ana. I just read this news. I hope you can go soon. And I’m sorry about your relative’s death. It’s such a hard time now with so much illness and death around us. Take care and I hope you can find some comfort in the memories of your beloved relative.

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