My Birthday!!!

Next week is my birthday and taking advantage of the “You Pick it” challenge that Ann-Christine has launched for us, I have decided to move forward a bit to celebrate it with my friends from Lens-Artists.

I don’t want to run away from my age… if you add up the numbers you’ll know how old I am.
Can’t you believe it? Neither can I. 😁
I would like to celebrate it, although, given the circumstances, I won’t be able to do it, at least I hope to receive virtual congratulations and I guess nothing will happen if I get a hug or two.
I leave you this precious poem, which I think reflects very well, as I feel with my fifty-something…
At fifty I grew wings.
My breasts and the thoughts
I carried as a child stopped weighing.
I taught the wings to fly from my mind
that it had always flown,
and I saw from the air
that while I was sleeping for so many years
someone was busily picking feathers
to make those wings.
I was lucky that when they were made,
they found me awake.

Poem by Begoña Abad

Posted as part of Lens-Artists: You pick it

31 thoughts on “My Birthday!!!

  1. Happy almost birthday Ana! I absolutely loved your opening image – so clever! And you’re “can you believe it” image is perfect. I hope you do in fact get a few hugs in celebration of your special day, and that you have a wonderful, normal year. Who knew normalcy would be so precious to us!

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  2. Happy Birthday youngster! I can say that because in June, I’ll be 20 years your senior. I love the murals you’ve chosen for this post, and photographed so well. Take care!

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  3. Lovely as always, Ana – you young girl! Happy Birthday in advance, and virtual hugs from me. An accurate and fun post – hope your day will bring you joy – and the wings will fly you wherever you want!

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    1. Thank you very much, Ann-Christine. It was a beautiful day, everyone congratulated me, at work, friends, family… I felt very loved. 😍


  4. Congratulations on turning a year younger and wiser. This post was such a clever mix of sugar and spice and everything nice. I absolutely adored everything about it. Have an amazing week ahead, Ana.

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