Circles, the buttons of my small X100.
La Julianeta en b/n / Julianeta in b/w
La Julianeta, the most photographed house in Albarracín, for its difficult geometry.
Fernando Jiménez
Books, I love these parallelograms.
El viaje de Moussa
More parallelograms, although I find these a little disturbing Don’t you think?
Windows, those parallelograms, sometimes, so indiscreet.
This building in New York caught my attention, its shapes, its almost floating spaces…
Neatly Confused Lines and Shapes
Sinfonía fotográfica
In the exhibition “Polyphony” by Rafael Navarro, I also found geometry.

When I started looking for images for Patti’s challenge, I didn’t think in black and white, but the result has been that. Maybe that’s why it’s often said that color distracts and here the important thing was shapes.

Geometry is a great tool for creating attractive images. Through it we can create movement, depth or simply set points of interest for the viewer to direct their gaze towards them.

Posted as part of Lens-Artists: Geometry


37 thoughts on “Geometry

  1. Well said Ana, and as always, beautifully illustrated. I loved your use of B&W for these. As you say, it truly emphasizes the geometry of the images. Your examples are unique and your eye, as always, has captured the scenes perfectly

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      1. I have no idea where Leonard Street is. As to the exact location, I rather not write that information on an open public forum such as this one.


  2. I loved your use of B&W for these, Ana – they show the shapes perfectly. And I love the “Jenga” – building and the simple fence. Not to talk about La Julianeta – just beautiful.

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