Special Moments

Tina’s challenge this week “Special Moments” takes me to think about family, but today I’m a little sensitive. My eldest son has already found his new home and very soon my husband and I will be home alone. I am very happy for my son and very proud, but at the same time a little sad.

So I’ll try to find images that distract me for a while.

Have I ever told you when I met a magical being?… It was a really special moment 😁. Sometimes my imagination seemed to have no limits. I already told you that I had a time with Photoshop quite intense… 😉 Lunnarys, the last unicorn, you can find her in “Memorias de Idhun” by Laura Gallego, three fantasy books very enjoyable. In the books I have found many special moments.
Londres no te olvido / London I don't forget you
An unforgettable trip, full of special moments. It was the last time we traveled the whole family. Ummm, I had said I would avoid those familiar moments.
Con mamá en el corazón / With mum in the heart
Ufffs, just one more, my eldest son in the British museum. If you look a bit, my reflection is right near his heart… I say no more.
¡Qué frío hace! It's so cold!
My husband and I in a snowstorm…
Arrgggg! But didn’t I say I wasn’t going to show family moments?
La ciudad de la luz / City of light
We’ll always have Paris!
¡Gané!  /  I win!
The first time I dared to ski, I think it was also the last… Behind me, my friend who was trying to teach me and worried about my speed. Everything ended well.
Jamonero casero
Sharing a delicious ham with friends. We didn’t have a ham holder to put it in, so my husband invented one with the tools he had on hand.
Flora y Blanca
My friend Anabel (the Spring Queen) and I (the Snow Queen).
¡Un gran día! gracias a todos
Those good moments with my photographer friends.
El mago / The wizard
From the first image I tried to find the magic of those special moments…
… and it’s clear to me that those special moments are with family and friends. In the picture, from the left: my little son, my brother, my eldest son, my nephew, my sister-in-law and my daughter-in-law. And wishing for these meetings to return soon.

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19 thoughts on “Special Moments

  1. Oh Ana, what a fun approach, I loved your take on the challenge. The last image rather says it all – a beautiful loving family. Isn’t that what it’s really all about?! Your images truly supported your story and vice versa – well done. Great job on the unicorn (who knew?!) and what a beautiful snow queen you were!

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    1. Thank you very much, Tina. Those special moments with family and friends are the ones that fill our lives with magic and if you also find a unicorn … 😉


  2. Very touching moments…I especially liked the one of your son in the British museum. Your comments gave it such extra depth and meaning.
    I love reading fantasy books so I will have to look up Memorias de Idhun 🙂

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  3. Lovely post Ana! I love the honest humor you put into your writing. Although it’s hard at first you will enjoy being empty nesters. Just about the time you’re settled into life the kids sometimes come back!

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  4. I love your touch , Ana…a very special post on special moments! Happy days pictured, beautiful days too. And I know about empty nest…took me two years to get reasonably all right with it. But they will come back to you again ♥

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    1. Thank you very much, Ann-Christine. I suppose it is inevitable to feel this way, at the same time that I feel sad, I am very happy for my son. 😞😊😘


  5. A very special post, Ana. Thank you for sharing these happy, special, and memoriable moments with us. Your reflection right near your son’s heart, beautiful and very moving.

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  6. Wow. Great series. Unicorns are always a great capture. Love the Tower Bridge. Our Denver Art Museum had a Samurai exhibit several years ago. Fascinating. Love all the others too. Excellent.

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