Natural Light

I love taking photographs with natural light, it is true that sometimes the help of a flash can come very well, even save a photograph, but I recognize that I have never known how to use it very well. So I’m more confident in finding the magic of natural light. I’m glad Amy gave us this challenge.

Some time ago I attended a workshop where we were told about the different types of light:

  • Direction: the light can be front, side, zenith or back.
  • Intensity: it is a measure of its harshness or brightness and determines how much light is present in a scene.
  • Quality: in many cases the amount of light is not as important as the quality of it. And this is measured based on your preferences, on what you expect from that image. There are two types of lights: soft or hard.
  • Temperature: refers to the color that predominates in one image over the rest. If an image has a more orange temperature, it will transmit warmth, unlike if the temperature of the color tends to blue which causes a colder sensation.

Well, this is a brief summary of what the teacher tried to teach me, now let’s see if I learned anything.

As I said before, I am not good at handling artificial light, so for my few portraits, I try whenever I can use natural light.

I enjoy doing backlights.

I like the light to paint my nature macros.

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18 thoughts on “Natural Light

  1. Some lovely skies, Ana, and some of the flowers are great,. Portraits look good too, except I would have had the girl playing her instrument a bit further from the wall so you didn’t have the hard shadow behind, maybe?

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  2. This is a wonderful gallery, Ana. So lovely. Your nature shots really shine! The light is wonderful! I especially love the portrait of the young man and the leaf in your last image. You’ve learned a lot about natural light!

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