Dandelions are a good example of soft and even more so with a softness focus like in these images. So I thought they were the most suitable to start the soft challenge that Ann-Christine is throwing us this week.

The softness of a drop running through the soft petals of a tulip.
Una belleza ligera / A light beauty
The soft lightness of a butterfly perched on a gentle flower.
How relaxing a walk on the beach can be, when the sea moves softly towards the sand.
And we ended up almost where we started, closing a soft circle, with a slight seed that escaped from the dandelion and was caught between soft and invisible threads.

Posted as part of Lens-Artists: Soft


21 thoughts on “Soft

  1. A wonderful way to start my WP this morning Ana – I have a few dandelion images that I considered but now am glad I didn’t as they’d have paled in comparison to yours! Absolute soft perfection this week.

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