A Glimpse into my World

This week Lens-Artists challenge is hosted by Sheetal, who invites us to take a glimps into our world.

"Valla" mundo
Where is my world? My world is at home, in my city.

A city with a long history, which never stops being renovated.

I love its parks…

Its narrow streets..

Strolling along the banks of the Ebro, its river artery…

I love it even more when it tries to hide in the fog…

I love my city, Zaragoza.

Posted as part of Lens-Artists: A Glimps into your World

27 thoughts on “A Glimpse into my World

  1. What an amazing collection of images, Ana ! They were an absolute delight . Honestly, I had to google Zaragoza to figure out the country. Thanks to this challenge, not only do I discover more but I also get a glimpse into this far away world of yours. Fabulous post indeed!

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  2. I loved my visit to your beautiful city this morning Ana – your final image to me says it all. From my home in the US it seems like a magical kingdom with castles and medieval vistas touched by bits of contemporary beauty. A lovely way to enhance my day.

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  3. Hi, Ana. This is wonderful. Now, I must visit Zaragoza! It’s true what you write about the city always being renovated. I think that’s a major industry throughout Europe!! Enjoy the weekend. I hope all’s well.

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    1. Of course, you must write Zaragoza on your list of destinations for when travel is allowed. Thank you very much, Patti, everything is fine around here, trusting that the vaccines will return us to normal. I hope that you are well too and take good care of you 😘


    1. Thank you very much Amy, I’ll wait for you around here when everything is back to normal. I hope you are well and take care of you😘


    1. Thank you, Ann-Christine, like all cities with their strengths and weaknesses, but I find myself very comfortable in it.😘


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