From Forgettable to Favorite

During my photographic journey I have gone through many stages. In some of them the photographic edition was more than editing, in others it was a basic development, with the necessary adjustments of contrasts and perhaps some crop.

Although it is true that when I feel more satisfied is when the photo leaves the camera almost finished, then I feel that I have done my job well.

The most drastic retouches used to be done more in the past, for several reasons. I took many more photos, sometimes without having a clear criterion of what I wanted or without knowing how to do it better, or just for fun, there was a time when I didn’t mind spending hours in front of the screen.

Nowadays, I take fewer photos and may be my creativity is not up to the standards of other times. Lately, I almost always settle for what I see, it will be the age or that my photography vision has changed…

Perhaps my most creative touch-up time was my experience with the O.O.B. “Out of Bounds”. This technique requires taking many steps and using many layers in Photoshop. Someone told me it was almost like doing cross stitch.
This time my creativity was focused on the idea of capturing the smoke, which made me forget to frame well and that the light was the right one. So later I had to crop the image, remove the stains, darken the background…
And when I discovered the HDR? Wow! the photos seemed to have a life of their own. I must say that this stage was short-lived and did not convince me, in the end I always tried to use a very soft effect, for me it was too dramatic the result. Although I have to confess that, at present, I have activated the HDR on my mobile… 😜

In recent times, the most drastic changes I usually make are trimming to square format and converting to black and white. As in this case, where, in my opinion, the color did not contribute anything and cut the area below seemed necessary.

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21 thoughts on “From Forgettable to Favorite

  1. Ah, a great run-through, Ana….I’m still trying to work out how to respond to this challenge, because I don’t do too much editing now. I love the smoke image, nicely dramatic

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  2. Not surprisingly, wonderful examples Ana. I agree that SOOC is always the best result but as you’ve shown, sometimes even small edits can make a big difference. I’ve never taken the time to really learn OOB techniques although we had a class in it one day in photo club. A bit too far away from reality for me but I loved your bee image! Also agree with your thoughts on HDR which tends to “overdo” the elements of an image unless one is going for a “pop-art” type of image. Used sparingly it can also work, as in your boats image. I do find that these days editing software with a touch of contrast can do an equal or better job, but that wasn’t always the case. In any event, as always your images are terrific – I especially loved your smoke capture, and the way your sliders helped us to see the effects of your edits.

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  3. PS. I’ve resisted the sliders thinking they wouldn’t work for non-WP users, but I looked at your post on the web via my iPhone and they worked perfectly without going thru WP. Excellent!!

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  4. Fantastic examples, Ana! I must say I love the smoky one – but don’t have a clue how you did it. And the bee? O.O.B must be difficult to master. Thank you for posting with sliders – works so well for these.

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  5. I have followed a similar path myself with editing, these days I experiment more with ‘JPEG recipes’ from my Fuji cameras, as I do not wish to spend hours at at computer.

    There are certain photos where a heavy edit works for me, such as a derelict building or a rusting hulk of a boat but most of my photos these days tend to be landscapes, sunrises and sunsets.

    I played with HDR in my early days of editing, I overcooked a lot of these, those sliders are too easy to be heavy handed with, I often cringe when I see those early efforts, it’s like seeing the photo’s of myself as a child in the 70’s wearing those hideous flared trousers and huge collared shirts! 🙂

    You have some lovely images Ana.

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    1. Thank you so much, Andy. 😀
      I don’t usually use “Jpeg recipes”, although I know they work great on Fuji, but I’m always afraid I won’t like the result and miss the opportunity to edit them on Raw. Sometimes, I tend to be too perfectionist, I think that makes me miss some interesting things. Maybe one day I will try, I also have less and less desire to be in front of the computer.
      I guess we’ve all pretty much spent time exploring the different ways of editing. In my case, I think that helped me figure out what kind of photography I like best and which ones I don’t.

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