What an interesting subject Patti presents to us this week! Emotions!

I didn’t know very well where to direct my post. I could look for images where I’ve captured those emotions… or talk about Gestalt psychology and its laws of perception, uffs maybe for that I would need a little more time… How about the colors of emotions?

Since ancient times, colour has been associated with mood, therefore with emotions. Colors are able to stimulate or create joy or sadness. The colors can make us feel energetic or relaxed, favor thermal sensations of cold or heat, and also make us perceive order or disorder. For this reason what is known as the psychology of color was born, which is a field of study that is aimed at analyzing how we perceive, feel and behave before different tones, brightness and intensities of color.

Each color has a meaning in our subconscious, we associate it with a whole series of virtues and values that tend to go hand in hand with the culture and the historical period in which we live. As an example we could talk about the color of mourning, which could vary depending on the culture in which we live, although the most widespread would be black or white.

Some time ago in my blog in Spanish, I made a series of photography and colors, below I will show you a selection. Perhaps, if I find the time, I can publish here, at another moment, something more extensive with each color.


With this color it is possible to go to the two extremes: love and war. It’s a very intense color on an emotional level

It indicates passion, sexuality, impetus, fire and blood.


It is associated with eloquence and joy. It increases optimism and confidence


Wisdom, intelligence and creativity in its positive aspect. On the other hand, its negative side symbolizes anger, envy, jealousy and betrayal.


It represents nature and humanity. At the emotional level is the color of balance, hope and growth


A color that inspires tranquility and it is relaxing, but overexposure can lead to states of sadness, depression and fatigue.

Knowing the effects of colors on people’s minds and hearts can help us to convey emotions with our photographs.

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24 thoughts on “Emotions

  1. Wonderful post, Ana. Perfect for the challenge. The effect of color is so powerful. I love how different cultures have appropriated different emotions to “red” and “black,” for example. Your images are great illustrations of the characteristics of each color. Wonderful!

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  2. Well Ana, once again your post is really perfection. A very clever and creative approach to the challenge – I wish I’d thought of using color as a way to address the topic. And I loved your little “buttons” or manhole covers or whatever they are (what ARE they??). Your images are wonderful as always, and perfectly express the emotions you were conveying. Terrific response.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, Tina, you are really kind. Yes, the little buttons are manhole covers, which I was playing with one autumnal day in the park. 😁


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