5 Years

Exactly five years ago I started with this blog, initialy it was going to be a space where to publish photographs, with hardly any text, a gallery.

At that time, I published on two other blogs. AventArte, a space I share with my friend Anabel, where in addition to photographs, there is a lot of stories. And on the blog of my group Fotograf@s en Zaragoza. Both places, are now standing, I dare not say closed.

To blow up this blog, I chose this delicate butterfly as my first post.

The first months were very quiet, until I discovered the Weekly Photo Challenge. My first participation was in Monochromatic.

It was a turning point in my relationship with this blog and the WordPress community.

When these challenges were over, I felt very sad…

I was going to miss them so much

Later I met the girls from Lens-Artists and took up the challenges again.

My first participation was “Just for Fun

And so it has been since then with Lens-Artists… Fun!

In addition, my contact with the WordPress family has grown, I have met many lovely people.

I even had the honor of being invited to host one of the challenges. It was an unforgettable experience.

In this blog the sun shone for many days!

A few days ago, taking advantage of the Christmas holidays, I decided to change the look of the blog, I think that after five years, the time had already come for a renewal.

I looked for a template that would give me a little more space in publications and also that would look a little more modern.

I have changed the background from black to a more neutral gray, I think it helps to see the images better.

I am happy with the change, I hope you like it, any comment on it will be welcome.

I hope to stay here for a few more years, counting on your company and the desire that from now on, everything will be better than in the past 2020 and we can regain normality in our lives.

24 thoughts on “5 Years

    1. I think I reviewed all the free themes and finally decided to Pictorico.
      I chose it because it allows quite a few customizations, I was able to keep the publications page in grid format and I gained a bit of space in the posts, so the photos look a little bigger.

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  1. So glad you kept blogging, and I, too, am inspired by the Lens-Artists Challenge. As to your blog, the gray color seems like a wonderful new addition — not as stark as black but seems neutral enough to let your photo sparkle! Wishing you all the best in 2021.

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    1. Thank you so much, Rusha. 😘
      I’m glad you like the new look. I’m delighted with the blog activity, so I hope to stay here a long time.

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  2. Ana, thank you for the follow. I also started out on WordPress very slowly. And I began with Weekly Photo Challenges, too! I studied art in school many years ago, but always worked in different careers. My blog was the place where I could do what I really wanted to do. It’s so satisfying to have your work exposed to people from all over the world and to get their feedback. I have had the pleasure of meeting four blogging friends in Europe in 2019, and before that, I met a few in the US. The friendships I’ve made online grow and grow.
    I noticed you’re a fan of Miksang photography – me too. Your butterfly is beautiful; congratulations on five years of blogging and may you have more creative years ahead!

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    1. Wellcome to my blog, Lynn, and thank you very much for commenting. 😘
      The hobby for photography has been with me since my childhood. My first camera came to me when I was just 11 years old. My daily work has nothing to do with creativity, accounting, matching numbers… it’s far from inspiring me.
      In the blog I find a space to share my images and, why not say it, also a part of me.
      I am interested in the concept of Miksang, but I must say that I do not know it well, I would have to study it a little more.


  3. ps
    The theme you picked is likely good
    But in my very humble opinion – when I first arrived here I actually thought “oh no – hard to read the dark font with a somewhat dark color background”
    That was before I knew you changed your theme

    And maybe times I read from the reader and so the theme would never show up there –
    But I do think you should consider the hard to read dark font on the dark back ground – not that hard but a bit of a strain and not pleasing

    I Think it was back in 2012 when I heard a blogger share that they always suggest black font on white background and then let photos add color
    I noticed that wordpress and many sites default to a gray on white – guess it is easy in the eyes but sometimes way too light.
    Lastly / the font you chose is also a little straining – is Arial narrow?
    Hey – just my thoughts right now and hope it helps with any other feedback that comes in
    And LOVE that butterfly

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment on the new blog theme.
      In my first Spanish blogs I always used a template with a white background and I think I got a little tired of seeing so much lighting on the screen.
      When I created this blog I didn’t want it in white, in principle, it was just a place to post photos, so I wanted something to make them stand out and I think black did it well.
      Over time, it turns out it’s not just for photos, I also write a lot…🙄
      The truth is that neutral gray is very suitable for photos, does not affect colors and my eyes are more rested.
      I’ll think what to do with the text, the font I don’t know what it is, I left the one that came by default, I’ll look at it.
      I really appreciate your words. 😘

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      1. Following your advice, although I do not decide to put a white background, I cleared the gray, maybe it was a little dark. As for the text, I do not know what the default type would be, but I have changed it to another, I hope it reads better.


      2. Thanks for the reply and I took a screen shut to show you what it is like from my view
        But Ana
        I usually explore thru the reader and so it matters not that much to me at all – i just mentioned it because you asked for feedback (and glad you did too)
        And I have two more thoughts –
        A long time ago I took a course on sign making and it was for hospitality – but so many takeaways – but they said when you make a table ad, Alyssa ya cater to as many people as possible – the size of the font should be easy to ready and clear – and a good size to be seen by someone walking by or someone who forgot their glasses (something like that)
        And nowadays with online we can zoom and we can even adjust settings for brightness – but a takeaway was how the ads could be artsy but we must always remember the reader.
        And so I think with a blog – the blogger should have it please them first and foremost – whereas as a business should think less about taste and how it represents them and think of customer first – ya know
        But easy readability is a courtesy to our followers – which you know so well and you are such a kind and gracious host with your presence online (I follow you on and off with LAPC)
        Anyhow – a long time ago I used to use too many exclamation points and too many different sized fonts – and colors – lol – when I realized the energy and maybe headache it was inducing – I went back to plain – it was boring at first but the content of the words was more in orient as was the user experience – and so that was my experience –

        And shhhh – this is between us – but I avoid a couple blogs because of small things – like a yellow font in the white box -??? I cannot see what I am typing (unless in the wp reader)
        Thanks again for being open for feedback – it sounds like you did something very smart!
        Your blog had a birthday and you explored themes and other things to see what was needed for this more nature and evolving phase of your awesome blog (and I know you have others and you said this one evolved unexpectedly)


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