And Here Comes the Holiday Season

Felices y fotográficas fiestas
This year there’s no Christmas market in my town’s main square.
Choco-encuentro fotográfico de FEZ - Feliz Navidad
There will be no photographic meeting, which was just an excuse to end with a good chocolate with churros. Photograph by Kinojam.
Árbol de Navidad / Christmas Tree
And yesterday we were informed that we can’t move from the province either, so we still can’t go to the Pyrenees.
Lotería de Navidad
The traditional Christmas giveaway, of course, is held, and, as always, since most of us will have no luck with money, the most repeated phrase of the day will be “May we have health!” that this year makes even more sense than ever.
Although this Christmas the meals will be less numerous, there will be Cava (Spanish champagne) and to bid farewell to the year, we will introduce some gold in the cup to give us luck, much we need, for next year. No, I haven’t swallowed it in a year… 😉
In conclusion, I wish you to spend these days in the best possible way, always with prudence and responsibility, so that next year everything will be better. Take good care of yourselves!!!

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17 thoughts on “And Here Comes the Holiday Season

  1. You are so clever Ana – I loved your closing image. Of course, as always I loved ALL of your images – the cava with gold looks beautiful and churros with chocolate is my ABSOLUTE favorite food. I’m sorry about all the things you (and everyone else) have missed but of course the sensible among us are all sacrificing this year so that we will make it to next year! Wishing you all the best for the holiday season and for – it cannot come soon enough – 2021


  2. Well composed and thought through – and as always beautiful images, Ana. I must of course agree on everything…with prudence and responsibility we will survive until better times. Sorry about the Pyrenees…we have also got new and tougher instructions the last week. But it is for the best. Cheers in Cava – despite everything, we are still here! Hope to see you next year. ♥

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    1. Yes, we are here, we are healthy and we will toast with cava 🍾 for all this, hoping that next year will go better. 😘
      Thank you very much.


  3. All are beautifully captured, Ana. I love the last image especially, so clever! We are ready to close 2020 chapter. Wish you all the best in 2021!

    Liked by 1 person

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