Bubbling Daisies

I admit that I was already a little tired when it came to daisies, some are even out of focus and the session with them was shorter than with the gerberas.

The photos were taken in the kitchen, which was easier to clean. Producing many bubbles causes everything nearby to get a bit wet.

The background is a piece of black cloth that I have for that purpose. You have to separate the object to photograph, so that the background does not come into focus.

The lighting is homemade.

Some flashlights that illuminated from below and the flash in manual mode, it was the one used with Sony and for Fuji needs an adapter that does not work in automatic. I had to do a lot of tests with the lighting.

I also found very difficult to focus, because without the flash there was not enough light.

It was also very complicated to match the timing of the shot with the bubbles. I set the timer in two seconds, but I still found it difficult to blow at the right time for the bubbles to appear in the picture.

It was frustrating to hear the click when the bubbles had already passed or worse, when I had not yet blown. You may have guessed that I didn’t use any sophisticated gadget for bubbles, but a small toy for children.

Still, despite all the problems, it was a really fun session.

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