Bubbling Gerbera


It’s about time! I stop using archive pictures.

A photo shoot at home, I hadn’t done it in a long time.

It wasn’t too long, less than two hours, many images for the trash but I had a lot of fun.

I had several ideas, all of them involving flowers. So I took this past long-weekend (four days) to realize it.

First, buy the flowers. When I went to the flower shop and asked for a varied bunch, the saleswoman presented me a beautifully decorated bouquet and I had to explain to her, that it was better if I had the flowers “without clothes”, that I needed variety, but without ornaments.

In the end, we understood each other and I took a few daisies of various colors, some gerberas and a handful of tulips.

By the way, with the first Gerbera, I realized that bubble soap affects the petals a lot and they get very ugly. Then I had to wash the flowers so they wouldn’t spoil so much.

I leave for the next post the Bubbling Daisies…

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