You pick it!

La iglesia de la Magdalena

This is the first photo I posted on Flickr, it was the year 2006. I have always enjoyed walking around my city and portraying those corners that have accompanied me all my life. This is the tower of the church of the Magdalene.

This week Tina leaves the subject too open for my little creativity of recent times.  But I really liked its publication, in it she talks about the Japanese concept of Wabi-sabi and presents us some images with a wonderful impressionist touch.  She also tells us about the photographer Jamie Konarski Davidson, which I did not know and as I have told Tina, after reviewing the work of this photographer, I really want to get a Lensbaby for my Fuji.

So, if anyone has experience with these lenses, I would appreciate your comments. I know that they are very special and that their effects should not be abused, but I think that it can be something fun and refreshing, especially given my current lack of desire to take pictures.

This idea has led me to think about those moments I enjoyed taking pictures and I’ve thought about searching the archive, lately it’s all I do, to find those images that remind me of the good times I’ve spent with a camera in hand.  Although I have taken photos since I was a child and I have very good family memories, especially of my children, I will focus on those images that I started posting on the internet, less personal.

Gracias / Thanks

That time when I discovered Photoshop and its layers!  Good thing I got it a little more under control now… and I let the moon stay in place.

Cada loco con su tema...

Each to their own! What good times with my fellow photographers!

Margarita / Daisy

Then I discovered the flowers…

Corazón de Gerbera / Gerbera's heart

And I wanted to get closer to them… so I bought my beloved Tamron 90.

Mosca disfrazada de abeja / Fly disguised like a bee

And the bugs came up to me or it was me who came up…

¿Un beso para la foto?

Not only bugs… I found this couple very photogenic, I went over and told them… A kiss for the photo!

El mago / The wizard

I wanted to look for the magic of photography… I’m still looking for it.

Ciudad confusa

Sometimes, I found only confusion

Solo hay una dirección: en la sombra

I found my shadow!


I hope to find the photographic spark again.

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34 thoughts on “You pick it!

    1. Thank you very much, Teresa. When I took that picture, I also thought it was a bee, but someone told me it was a fly disguised as a bee 🙄😘

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  1. Lovely retrospective series! I think it’s good to look back on your own photography sometimes. Occasionally I’ll reshoot something I did previously and try to capture it in a different way. I’m having a little slump at the moment too, more due to time constraints and other stuff to do, some that I’d rather not. I also started on Flickr, but they got greedy and now I much prefer WordPress for combining images to tell a story.

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    1. I was on Flickr for more than ten years, now I have the account with no activity, I also prefer WordPress.
      I will take into account your idea of ​​repeating photos already taken, although that may be like rereading a book, you never know if you will like it again.

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  2. You are such a talented photographer Ana, I hate that you’re feeling uninspired because your work is truly inspirational! And your images always work beautifully with your thoughts – you are an artist, don’t ever think that you’re not! As for the lens-baby, Ms. Davidson couldn’t be more pleased with them. She’s one of their “ambassadors” and loves them. Several of our photo club members have them but they are quite specialized so you need to carefully consider how you’ll use them. She was a wonderful teacher and I’m sure would readily answer your questions if you send her a note. She also gave us a code for a discount if you decide to buy one. As for your images this week, I love your shot of the magic of photography (which you definitely found) and the spark (which I hope you find again!).

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    1. As Picasso said “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”, I think that’s my problem for a long time now I don’t really want to take the camera and although the current situation doesn’t help, I can’t give it all the trouble.

      This week I have been keeping an eye on the Lensbaby and I see that it is not an easy decision. Perhaps I would like to discuss it with Ms. Davidson. I appreciate your warning about the discounts, but I guess they’ll be for US purchases, anyway I’ll keep that in mind.

      Your words are truly very kind, I appreciate them very very much. 🙂


      1. Hi Ana, I’m sure she would be happy to either talk to you about it or to have an email conversation. if you’re really considering it, do give her a call. You can tell her I have you her information

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        1. Yes, thank you, I will contact her to resolve some questions. They are very specific lenses and I want to be sure that the investment is worth it. I would not like to buy one of them and then not use it, as I have already done with other lenses. 🙂


  3. Ana, these pictures are so clever and well executed. Your imagination and talent are in each of them. We are all uninspired lately, but I find that my camera helps bring me out of it for a few hours. Keep shooting. I love your images!

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    1. Thank you very much, Amy. 🙂 The time of the moon photography was very funny and creative, I spent a lot of time in front of the computer, more than with the camera. Then I found out it wasn’t what I was looking for, I wanted to find the magic with the camera.

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  4. The magic of photography and the confusion you found are my preferred photo becaus eof the mystery in them.
    Wabi-sabi is an interesting concept I oft adopt in my photography. I had an exhibition one year ago called “imperfect moments” which was based on that concept, manifesto here : and you can have an idea of the set following this link:
    I prefer to use a Polaroid camera for its aesthetic, which is I like very much. It’s all about our ideas and tastes 🙂

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    1. Thank you very much, Robert, for sharing your work. I found the concept of “Imperfect Moments” very interesting. Performing an exhibition is an intense experience, at least for me it was. I have participated in several group exhibitions, but a few years ago, some friends encouraged me to present a series of images inspired by books.
      The post belongs to my other blog, which is in Spanish, sorry. But you can translate it using the google app to change language, which you can find on the right of the text.

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  5. Ana – my comment must have went away in cyberspace? I thought I wrote you long ago, but went back today because of your commenting on my post. You write about the spark. To me and us, You are a true spark! Always thinking, always doing, always an artist to count on. I have lost much of that spark too. I don’t take my camera out – I dwell in my archives like a mole.
    You will wake up again, I am sure. I hope I will. But the light must come back… I am waiting for the winter solstice.

    The mark of an artist is, that you keep inspiring even if you feel uninspired yourself, but still produce inspirational work. Hang in there, Ana! ♥

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    1. Oh, dear Ann-Christine, I couldn’t find your comment, I’m sorry.
      You’re very kind, really, thank you. I really appreciate your words.
      I don’t consider myself a photographer, much less an artist. I do it because I enjoy it so much, it’s something fun that moves me. I’m also very encouraged to share it, so I’ve been meeting wonderful people like you. 🙂


  6. My photographs are mostly a diary to keep track of life, or something that catches my eye. I’m not really interested in the technical side but I love looking at photographs. 🙂 🙂

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    1. I think, that might be one of the main reasons for taking pictures, Jo, we all probably start out like this. In my case, with the passage of time, I began to look for other types of images and knowing the technique helped me to try to get what I wanted to reflect.
      Thank you very much for commenting 🙂

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