Found in the Neighborhood

Last Sunday morning was foggy, I think this year the fog season started earlier than usual.  Normally I would have felt melancholy, with little desire to go out, but, on the contrary, I looked out the window and said to my husband:

–It’s a great day to go for a walk!

–He looked at me, sighed and surely thought… she’s crazy!

So I got ready and it was time to decide which camera I should take. Since the summer I had not taken the cameras and I was very lazy to go too loaded, so the choice was clear, I would go out with my beautiful little Fuji X100.

The river is very close to home, so I thought that by the riverside walk, it would be a good place to take interesting shots of the fog.   When I arrived I found that half the city had thought the same or that seemed to me, because of the number of people there. Many of them running or cycling and without mask.

So after taking some pictures, I thought a good place to be would be the nearby Lonja Museum, just across the river. I had been told that there was a very interesting exhibition of PHotoESPAÑA. And surely there would be control of people and security measures.

Isn’t it terrible that now my walks are so conditioned by the damn virus?

The exhibition pays tribute to one of the most important Spanish photographers, Manuel Outumuro. Through a selection of 130 photographs, in color and black and white, among which are faces as iconic as Penelope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, Martina Klein, or Pau Gasol, among many others.

“Life is made of those two elements: mud and light. Mud as matter that defines form, and light as spirit, as soul” (Outumuro)

At the end of the visit, it was time to return home and on the way back, the scenary had already changed, the fog had disappeared and the sun illuminated everything.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all those who participated in last week’s challenge, I have spent a few days surrounded by sunny optimism.

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23 thoughts on “Found in the Neighborhood

  1. Your neighborhood looks very beautiful Ana, I loved the moody fog captures but your final image is spectacular. It’s one of those international buildings that we simply do not see here in the U.S. Wonderful! And speaking of wonderful, it was great having you as our host last week. Loved your theme and your beautiful post, as well as the many inspirational responses that followed it. Terrific!

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    1. Thank you very much, Tina. The cathedral of El Pilar is an icon of my city, the most photographed building. I had a great time with the sun-post, thank you very much for thinking of me. 😘

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  2. Even though your walks are controlled by the virus, you have much beauty to behold! I love that bridge — and your captures make it an artsy place. But oh, to have a museum so close by. You’ve found a lot to love in your neighborhood!

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  3. Your neighborhood is really beautiful – even in mist and fog. And yes, the virus controls us, and will for a long time. But we will try to control our own minds at least – and our memories!Thank you again for your glorious and inspirational hosting, Ana!

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  4. Your neighbourhood is lovely, Ana, and I enjoyed the foggy images…thanks for taking us on your walk! That photographic exhibition looks great. I didn’t join in your hosted prompt last week, too many things distracting me, but I may do a late post….

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  5. Thank you for the walk through your beautiful neighborhood, Ana. I really enjoyed the photo exhibition.
    Your theme lasst week was inspiring and comforting. I loved it!

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