Unexpected Weather

A few weeks ago, in the middle of October, we escaped a few days to the mountain and taking advantage of a sunny day, we decided to make a small excursion. We weren’t confined to the city yet. To avoid meeting too many people, we climb up to the border with France, Portalet, where there is plenty of open space to walk.

And this is what we found…

The peaks were almost invisible and a persistent snowfall fell, which along with the wind, took away our desire to walk there.

I asked my husband to take a picture of me, we had to immortalize the moment and send it to our sons, to see that at least we had tried.

Someone even had time to write a love message. No, it wasn’t my husband… 😉

We only had to go down a few kilometers and in the nearest town, Sallent de Gallego, we already found a much more convenient weather to walk.

This mountain is known as Foratata and is one of the most portrayed peaks in the area, it is very photogenic.

We dedicate a small walk in the surroundings

You see… Foratata, again.

Yes, it may be that love was in the air, but people should remember that even though we are in a natural space, the paths are very narrow and we find too many people without wearing masks. The air will be clean, but we’re the ones spreading the virus where we’re going.

We were beginning to find ourselves too uncomfortable with so many people and, too many without masks, so we retire home, better times will come for excursions.


6 thoughts on “Unexpected Weather

  1. Beautiful images Ana! I’m sorry your escape was cut short. The mask controversary is everywhere. Why can’t people just wear them; if they work they will. If not they would have tried.

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    1. Thank you, Anne 🙂
      I agree, nobody likes to wear the mask, but, in my opinion, it’s an act of responsibility. That’s why I get angry when I see people who don’t, fortunately they are a minority and that makes me feel very proud of a society that mostly knows how to be responsible.

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