What a Treat!


These days in my country it is as if every day the politicians who govern us are continually telling us trick or treat! but it’s not an option, some get treat and others trick…

In the three major cities of my community, we’re in perimeter confinement. We can move freely within the city, but no one can leave or enter it, except for justified cause.

One of my coworkers, who lives in a little village right on the edge of my city, was very upset, because she can’t go to the gym, which is in town, although she can come to work, of course.

Carita otoñal :-(

I tried to comfort her, making her see that she could travel anywhere else in the country, while I can’t.

Although first, she would have to see in what situation is each of the places… in Madrid, confined… in Barcelona, can not go out at night… to the Pyrenees, it depends on which locality… the nearby communities, are in perimeter isolation…

And this can change from one day to the next…

¿Dónde está mamá? / Where is mama?

Better stay at home…

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14 thoughts on “What a Treat!

  1. How very confusing the rules there are Ana! How do they monitor who comes and goes into the city? I think you’re right, just stay home! We have a similar circumstance here in the U..S. where every state decides what to do and often not even the state, just the communities within it. It’s just a mess. They should be consistent and focus on what will keep us the most safe. So we too tend to just stay home! Thanks for joining us with your as-always wonderful post.

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    1. The perimeter confinement is controlled by the police, but they are only spot checks in the areas of entry and exit from the city.
      I want to trust that the responsibility of the majority of citizens will help to enforce those rules. But people are tired, it’s a long time and we don’t see the end either. Nor does it help that, at least in my country, some politicians are not in the same line of responsibility.
      This week the national government has again established a state of alarm throughout the country, but it is still the different communities that will impose different levels of alert on each one.
      I understand that governments are trying to strike a balance between the health of citizens and the general economy, where many businesses are being hit hard. And they’re not easy decisions. But as you say, this is a mess!
      Take care and good health 🙂


  2. Thank you Ana for your perspective and what is happening in your country. It’s a difficult time everywhere and non of us are immune for what this virus leaves behind. We just need to do our best, keep focused and find joy wherever we can.

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  3. It would be hard to keep track of who can do what. But it varies quite a lot here in the US as well and if you’re traveling at all, you have to check on the restrictions at your destination so as not to have any bad surprises. Masks, of course, are everywhere.

    I like your manhole cover face. 🙂


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  4. It’s so true, Ana. So much depends on our perspective. We can see the positive, which is often more difficult than seeing the negative. I love your positive outlook.

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    1. Uffs, some days it’s hard to stay positive and I don’t always put everything I write into practice 😉
      Thanks a lot, Patti.


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