My Hideaway

That day I decided to flee, to hide somewhere far from the world. Finding a good hiding place didn’t seem easy, but then I saw the pile of books and I knew that there, I would be ok.


And I set out to go into their pages and get lost among them.

Madrinas y padrinos

Once in the story of that book, I was not aware that time passed and that my family and friends were missing me and they had started looking for me.

Llegó el final

Until one day I felt his pain, I had to go back…


It was a very happy reunion, I apologized for the sadness I had caused them and I promised them not to hide like this again –At least not so long 😉

Moral:  hide from the world forever, not a good idea.

I’m sorry for hiding a bit from this week’s challenge, my friend Anabel always says that when we don’t know how to express something, we should write a story… The truth is that I don’t have a hiding place as such. Maybe my house is that place, although it is shared with my family. But every time I pick up a book, it’s like the rest of the world disappears…. That’s my hideaway!


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28 thoughts on “My Hideaway

  1. Ana, I hate to go overboard in my comments but I must say this one REALLY melted my heart! Your little clay (?) people were fabulous and the idea behind your response is absolutely perfect. Bravo!

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  2. Great post Ana! Not all of us have a hideaway as such. I feel the same way. Photography takes me away in much the same way as books do for you. But, there is a book I’ve been wanting to get into!

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    1. The books for me are places to run away for a while. On the contrary, photography is different, I think it helps me to go out, with it I show myself to the world, I guess that’s why, right now, I’m not taking many photos.
      Thanks a lot for your comment, Anne 🙂

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  3. Beautifully and artistically expressed through these clay people and words. Lately, I pick up my brushes as a “hideaway”…
    I can relate to your thoughts, Ana.

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    1. I can only one at a time… right now I have just finished the last book by a Spanish writer I like very much, Rosa Montero, entitled La Buena Suerte. It is a book that makes you feel good, in addition to having a mystery that is revealing little by little.
      And today I will return to a series of fantasy in which I am immersed, The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson.
      I love fantasy books, which is why I have to dose them.


  4. What a wonderful interpretation of this challenge! As an introvert, I totally understand where you’re coming from. Love your clay people and hope you will keep them around – even when we can see each other more easily.

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  5. Books make the best hideaways because we can go so many different places while reading. I love your photos, the little clay people, and your admission that you your home may be a hideaway but it is shared with others. So is mine. And I’m having trouble thinking of something to post this week. You’ve done a marvelous job!

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