This week our host of Lens-Artists is an intelligent horse named Biasini, who has chosen a very interesting theme, communication.

Forms of human communication can be grouped into three broad categories:

  • Verbal: spoken or written
  • Non-verbal: body language
  • Graphic:  maps, logos, icons and other graphics
Charla Cuentoterapia

My friend Anabel using verbal communication to convey her knowledge of emotion management.  In oral communication, the speaker is as important as the listener.

Olvidado / Forgotten

“Once upon a time there was a book that didn’t want to be forgotten…”  Written communication has developed throughout the history of the human being, therefore it is in constant change

Víctor y Félix

My brother and nephew were having a great time, his smile tells me.

Stop Leones

Around us we can find a wide variety of traffic signs, some without a word, are a good example of graphic communication.

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20 thoughts on “Communication

  1. Hello Ana! Thank you for responding to my challenge. Ma Leueen has shown me the photos and read the words to me. I think it is very logical to break down communication into the three areas as you have done. I like the photo of the boy and his Father. You are right the boy is having a good time. 🐴

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