Rincones de Albarracín

Albarracín is a Spanish town, in the province of Teruel, part of the autonomous community of Aragon, it is surrounded by stony hills and the town was declared a National Monument in 1961 and is proposed by UNESCO to be declared a World Heritage Site for the beauty and importance of its historical heritage.

It is perched on a rock and surrounded by the Guadalaviar River. On the one hand, and facing the river, the hanging houses are built.

Rincones de Albarracín

We were over there some years ago and had a great time. The manager of the hotel where we stayed, told us to never give a street for finished although it seemed that had no way out, that we went ahead to the end to find all the surprises of Albarracín, so we did and it was a great experience. Inside the village its streets are steep and narrow, with very picturesque corners. The construction offers the original popular architecture with the forge of the province in addition to having the characteristic reddish color called rodeno.

Albarracín, is a very photogenic place, its famous house of La Julianeta, which you can see on the left, is one of the most photographed buildings.

The house seems to defy the law of gravity, with hardly a vertical in its structure.

In front is the Portal de Molina, named for the road that led to the city of Molina.

There are so many charming corners, that walking through its streets is a real pleasure and camera in hand I did not stop taking photos.

Rincones de Albarracín

We did one of the guided tours, to know better those “secrets” that guard their buildings, their corners and their history.

Another walk that we did and that made me have a hard time, was the climb to the wall. In this case the fear was more justified or that seemed to me, I do not recommend it to anyone who has difficulty with heights. It may seem easy and the distance is short, but the road is very cobbled and some areas very steep; up on the wall there is no protected area, no place to grab, except the stone… Despite all this, the wall is impressive, especially from below.  😉

Muralla de Albarracín

The city is almost entirely dedicated to tourism, which makes visitors feel very well served at all times.

Rincones de Albarracín

The other day I heard on the news, that despite the current situation we live, Albarracín has continued to be a busy travel destination. Although this year they have failed travelers from outside Spain, they have managed to be 100% with nationals.

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  1. Amazing that they’ve stayed at 100% with only nationals Ana, that is wonderful news! Your images reminded me of some of the small towns we visited in southern France. Very beautifully done as always.

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