Lumen Tales: Little Red Riding Hood


My friend Anabel comments on Little Riding Hood:

“Beautiful photographic work and again connects to a story we could be talking about and analyzing many hours… Have you ever wondered how old Little Riding Hood can be? and the wolf?

You know that in the stories, nothing is what it seems, therefore, this wolf is representing someone with whom the girl is in the forest, which is a dark and hidden place, and not on the way to the village, where anyone could see them. And you wondered why Little Red Riding Hood chose the way of the forest and not the way his mother told her to go…

I’m not saying any more, but if any of you want to continue investigating, tell us…”

Lumen process:

  • Ilford Multigrade IV RC paper
  • Date:  14-08-2020
  • At noon, 12 to 13.34. 20 minutes of sun, cloudy rest.
  • Exposure time:  1,5 hour.
  • Water and fixer baths.
  • Scanning.
  • Edited with Camera Raw and Photoshop.

I prepare the composition on a normal paper, when I have everything placed as I want it to be, I go to the dark room and with great care I turn the frame so that it is all over the glass. I place the Ilford paper and turn it all over again, then I remove the glass and retouch what has been moved.  Finally, I put the glass again with great care not to move anything, I hold it well with the tongs and ready to go out into the sun…


After the process of developing and scanning, I edit it with Camera Raw to invert it with curves. This time, in addition to passing it through Camera Raw, I also did some tweaks in Photoshop, to fix some mistaques, like the plant that makes sun and that was moved when placed it.


Lumen Series

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