Instaphoto: Hotel

My creativity was very negative with the word Hotel for the challenge. In the situation we are in, with the holidays without being able to travel… Hotel? But it was precisely during the holidays that the idea came up.  Searching in the box of the games to look for some that entertains us a while, appeared this old El Palé and I remembered the good times past, placing the houses and the hotels in the different cells of the board.

So willing to find that elusive photographic idea, I unfolded the board trying to get the magic of the game to help me find the photo…

This box belonged to my husband when he was a child. I remember playing with Monopoly, which was the same game with another name. So I looked on the internet and found that in the world of games there are a lot of plagiarism. In this case the original was The Landlord’s Game, a game created by Lizzie Magie in 1903.

Project:  Instaphoto


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