Baztan trilogy

These days I have finished watching the three films based on the wonderful trilogy of the Baztan by Dolores Redondo. The movies are fine but I was a little disappointed, I liked the books a lot and it was difficult to live up to them.
But I was delighted to see again, even through the screen, the wonderful corners of Elizondo and its surroundings. I think I’ve said it before, the Baztan Valley is magical.
Below I review some photos I took during my visits to the area, accompanied by texts from books.

…she forced herself to pay attention to the winding ascending road that entered the dense forests that surrounded Elizondo.

Upon arriving in Muniartea she stopped the car, and heard the thunderous rumor of the dam. The rain had not stopped falling all day, and a damp presence, like a tomb of Baztan, snuck into the car, suddenly making her feel an uncontainable rage towards that cursed place. The water, the river, the medieval pavement, and all the pain upon which it had been built.

-Where’s the girl?  -By the river. You have to go down the slope, Jonan said, pointing to the ravine and making an apology gesture, as if in some way he was responsible for the body being found there.

A wolf who would not stop and would continue to sow corpses on the banks of the Baztan River, that fresh and luminous channel of singing water that wet the banks of the place to which she returned when she did not dream of dead, and now that bastard had defiled with his evil offerings…

She came to the entrance of the house and saw that the door was locked. All the energy that had held her as she went there suddenly abandoned her, causing her knees to bend. She took hold of the door, and upon touching the cold and rough stone she was assured that something terrible had happened, that that place which had been the refuge against all evil, against the cold, rain, loneliness, pain and “gaueko”, the night spirits of the Baztan, had finally been sullied.


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