I’ve been robbed of the spring of 2020. That’s what I feel, for the first time since many years, I haven’t taken a single photograph of flowers and bugs.

But this is what there is! And I just hope that by next year, normalcy has returned to our lives and we remember this stage as a terrible nightmare and at least we’ve learned something from it.

Now it’s time to remember past springs.

La Primavera está llegando / The Spring is arriving

Spring is full of color and details.

Capullos de geranio / Geranium's buds

Life seems to be renewed.

Narcisos / Daffodils

Daffodils are faithful to their appointment every year and stand proudly.

Tulipán / Tulip

Tulips do the same, even if they seem a little more shy.

Preparando miel de romero

The activity is incessant. This worker, preparing rosemary honey.


Posted as part of Lens-Artists: Spring


11 thoughts on “Spring

  1. I think we all feel much the same Ana, although I’ll admit I did manage to capture a few images this spring. It’s difficult to motivate oneself when we spend every day in the same place. Here’s to our new appreciation of yesterday’s “normalcy” – may we find it again soon. Beautiful images, especially your opener this week.

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  2. Such beautiful captures! And yes, I agree, we have been robbed a bit of spring this year as we were not able to travel around freely and the parks were all closed during blossom time. But I am sure we will all apreciate the blossoms so much more next year!


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