Embracing Changes

Life is a constant and unstoppable change.  It’s necessary but it’s hard for us to accept it because it always means losing and we resist that pain.

Yesterday my husband was commenting on several reforms that we would have to do at home and seeing my face, he told me. I know that you are uncomfortable with these things, but they are necessary. We have been together for many years, my face is an open book for him.  😉  I hate changes, it makes me uncomfortable, it makes me uneasy, it makes me insecure…

Seeing the image above of a Cupid’s dart (Catananche caerulea) losing its petals, it made me think about accepting the changes, I think this plant is a good example.

Traslúcido / Translucent

Everything changes, so you will only be happy if you are able to accept and adapt to change quickly.

Hierba de cupido

Overcome your fears… Integrate change into your life. Venture beyond your comfort zone.

Reserva de agua / Water reserve

Don’t confuse an uncomfortable consequence with a negative

Hierba de cupido

The best changes are usually uncomfortable at first, but beneficial in the medium and long term. Don’t let comfort determine your future!

So welcome renovations!

New flooring, window change and my computer space renovated… Lucky you can’t see my face!!!



12 thoughts on “Embracing Changes

  1. Beautiful pictures and so true…but working in school had me accepting changes fast. Retired now and back to Hating Changes. I bet you will feel good about your new environment!

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  2. Wonderful images, Ana, and wise words. Change is often hard, but necessary, I think. I’m like you–slow to change sometimes. Other times I embrace it. Who can figure out why??

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