What would life be if nothing surprised us.  It is appropriate to preserve the capacity for wonder, both in the good and in the bad.  If in the face of erroneous, unusual, unjust and absurd situations, we stop being amazed, it is that society is on the wrong track.  Nor should we lose the ability to be surprised by beauty, by unexpected gestures, by the small details that we encounter in life.  Feeling awe makes life definitely have more flavor and sense.

Espejo, espejito mágico ¿Qué nube es la más hermosa?

It is not a good idea to ask the mirror every day what will happen to us.

¡Vaya lío!

Even if sometimes the surprises aren’t pleasant… like coming home and finding the partnet “busy”

¡Fotos no!!!

In that case, you can keep this surprised face.

Amanece en Carboneras

Amazement is the ability to perceive the beautiful, the exceptional, and the impressive in everything around us. Like being surprised at the sunrise every day.

Las ranitas y el arco iris

That every time a Rainbow appears we are illusioned as the first time.

Primavera / Spring

That discovering a small flower sticking out in the snow is cause for illusion and admiration.

I have a great capacity for admiration, surprise and curiosity,

which are the three things that define childhood the most.

(Antonio Gala)

Posted as part of Lens-Artists: Surprise

15 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. Loved your thoughts and illustrations, Ana! Really, we must be grateful every time we feel amazed or surprised – we need that capacity. Laughed out loud at some of these choices!

    Liked by 1 person

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