The Canals of Ghent

I like very much Belgium, I have visited it twice and, hopefully, I can go some more.  In his cities I find myself very comfortable, I like to walk them, enjoy them, portray them…  my favorite one is Ghent.

The other day, reviewing the photo file, I went back through it, this time I chose its channels and saw it without color.

Although the most famous canals of Belgium are from Bruges, I prefer those of Ghent, I like their amplitude and they are perfect accompanied by the spectacular buildings on their banks.

Ghent Castle (Gravensteen): Former residence of the Counts of Flanders, was used until the fourteenth century as a defensive fortress and until the seventeenth as a prison, currently the castle is an essential visit of Ghent.

I was very pleased to see that not only tourists enjoy these spaces. The canals and their banks are an official place for recreation, walking, having a beer and chatting with friends.

It is not absolutely necessary but I recommend taking a tour on the small boats that sail the canals, the view of the city changes.  Although right now, it doesn’t seem very desirable to get into such a small space with so many people. 😉

Strolling along the docks of Graslei and Korenlei, looking at the houses on the canal shore, you seem to be inside a fairy tale.

If the view is beautiful during the day, at night the lighting gives it a special atmosphere.


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