The Long and Winding Road

When the Covid crisis began and everyone was confined to their homes, people came out to their balconies to applaud the health workers, calling them Heroes! It was terrible what was happening, it’s not over yet, but we all seemed to be in this together and that gave us hope. Many said we’d come out stronger and better.  I had my doubts and I’m afraid I was right. The Covid is still here, but now they let us out of the house, we are going towards the “new” normality and, as before, hatred and selfishness surround us.

In the comment I left at Tina’s entrance this week, I told her that I would try to look for images of long and winding roads that lead me to optimism.  I’m going to try!

Life is a long and winding road.  It is not easy and there are very complicated stretches.

Mal tiempo / Bad weather

Sometimes weather is not good, but you have to move on, better if we do it in company

En orden / In order

It may even be difficult, to distinguish the way, but together we can achieve it

Foto nocturna / Night photo

There is not just one road, but we can follow our own path, without disturbing others.

Dos direcciones / Two directions

They can even take us to different places

Carretera al atardecer / Road to sunset

But we must not forget that all roads lead to the same sunset, the end is the same for all.

Apetecía sombra

Let us not stand on one side of the road, looking the other way.

Paseo otoñal / Autumnal walk

Let the road be a pleasant walk for all. FOR ALL, without distinguishing riches, birthplaces, skin colors…!

Prueba Fuji/Tamron

I don’t know how long it’ll last, but this is me, right now.  Come on, together we can make the life a better place for everyone!  🙂

Posted as part of Lens-Artists:  The Long and Winding Road


18 thoughts on “The Long and Winding Road

  1. Oh my goodness Ana, your blog is almost always one of my favorite reads but I must say you’ve outdone yourself this week. This images, as always, are outstanding. But it’s the way you put them together to deliver your message, along with your words, that are exceptional. Thank you so much for this contribution to our challenge.

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