Cropping the Shot

Patti invites us to do a photo editing exercise. Compare photographs as taken and edited with a cropping.

I always try to get the best of my photographs from the camera, but I rarely get it. Sometimes I even intentionally give a little more space so I can better frame the image on the computer.  For this comparison I have searched in the files discarded photographs that could be improved with another framing

Horizon in the center, with a sky that is not interesting and action too far away.

A more panoramic image, cutting out part of the sky, trying to decentralize the horizon a little and straightening the photo slightly.

The flock of birds over the cathedral caught my attention

I think a little cropping on the bottom and left wouldn’t hurt.

There are images that can work better in square format…

In that case, there’s no choice but to crop on the editing.

Posted as part of Lens-Artists:  Cropping the Shot

16 thoughts on “Cropping the Shot

    • In the area of the Pyrenees where I usually go there are many, now they will soon start to leave, I hope to see them this year too.
      Thank you very much, Tina 🙂


  1. The bug photo tells a story of its own. Very nice, and I appreciate how you explained what you noticed before the crop. I went back and forth to see the changes with your explanations in mind. 👍🏼 Donna

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