All Wet

Abstracción acuática

For this week’s challenge, the first image that came to mind was this swan. All wet!

Baño matutino / Morning bath

A morning bath to start the day well.

Bebiendo / Drinking

Washing your face also helps.

Las ranitas y el arco iris

On hot summer days, it’s a pleasure to go through there.

Reserva de agua / Water reserve

The wet is inside…


…or outside.

Diente de león con gotitas

Little crystal balls, I have a question…

– What will my future be like?

 – Be water, my friend.

“According to the millennial philosophical principle of Wu Wei, only when we stop pretending, needing, forcing situations and shaping a different vision of life, accepting that things happen naturally, effortlessly, we will be truly able to cope with any situation that arises.

The fear of things changing, the loss of our present life, as well as of habits and customs, together with the uncertainty generated by not knowing what the future holds for us, are fears that can lead us to go through difficult moments throughout our existence.

Thus, acceptance and an intellectual attitude of humility are presented as the best way to live and adapt to a constantly changing reality.”

Well, if I had known that these little crystal balls gave such good advice, I would have asked them first.   😉

Although I am not convinced that this is the solution to all problems, I believe that in the times we are living, it can help to pass it and hope for better times.


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