Good morning, my friends.

My mornings, from Monday to Friday, haven’t changed much.

I like to get up early and even during the two weeks I had to stay home, I kept getting up almost at the same time.

I always start with breakfast. I like to have a coffee with a good sandwich.

I like to sit in the kitchen and have breakfast very quietly, while everyone is sleeping.

The more I feel about confinement, it’s on Sundays, I miss my walks around town.

How could my morning have been today, if the Covid had not appeared in the world…

I’d get up early to go through an almost deserted city (ironic, right?). I would see the sky light up, while the city lights are still on.

El paraguas morado

Today has come a rainy day, but that would not stop me. I would take some of my umbrellas and go out to portray those wet streets.

Exposición Iris Lázaro

I would take the opportunity to visit some of the exhibitions that are usually held in the cultural spaces of the city. I miss it so much!

Multiactividad ribereña

Back home, one last photo by the bank.

De tapas en Biescas

Before I got home, I would invite my husband to take a “Tapa”. He always says yes … 😉

We may have to wait a while, but these mornings will return…   Will you join me?

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