Trapped! Simple things have more value.

This week’s theme for Lens-Artist is Simplicity and as Patti rightly says, in these difficult times that we are living in most countries, we are recovering the simplicity of our lives.


“Remember always also this:

to live happily,

very little is enough.”

Marco Aurelio

Como Agua para Chocolate

Traditional cooking

I don’t like housework, but I must admit that these days, I’m even beginning to find it entertaining.

"Petite" cuisine

“Nouvelle cuisine”  Uffs, the family sometimes doesn’t understand my creativity, I don’t know why  😉

Even cleanliness has become a daily exercise, necessary and even comforting. Knowing I’m doing something productive reconciles me with confinement.

Desempolvando el pasado

But not everything will be homeworks, the day has many hours…

Ana, Viky o Depende

Read, take something (better sweet), even rest… simple pleasures.

I even take photographs with a very simple tool, the mobile. But this is a story that I will start to tell you tomorrow…

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9 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. I absolutely love your onion shot Ana – superb still life. Of course, the term “still life” could also be used to describe your couch shot LOL.


    1. Thank you very much, Tina.
      In spite of the calm that can be seen in the picture of the sofa, I must say that they were very stressful shots. It is from many years ago, when I was very curious to try new ways to photograph.


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