A River Runs Through It

Troubled waters by Ana V. on 500px.com

The Ebro River runs through my city, giving it life.  It was the river that brought the first human settlement more than two thousand years ago.  Its name derives from the ancient place name Hiber (Hiberus flumen), which also gives name to the Iberian peninsula and the Iberian peoples.

It runs entirely through Spain. Between the rivers that flow into the Mediterranean Sea it is only surpassed in length by the Nile.

The Ebro is a large river, but irregular in character. At the end of the summer it has strong drainage throughout the basin, taking up to a tenth of its average flow. During the winter it suffers its most frequent floods, product of the snow in much of its basin.

Traineras en Zaragoza

Right now, I am saddened to see this image with so many people surrounding the river. I hope that soon we can go around the Ebro again in a big hug.

El Ebro de noche / The Ebro at night

Sometimes it turns into a silk mantle…

El Pilar y el Ebro

…that goes around the city with elegance.

Reflejo entre algas

When the flow decreases, algae appear.

¡No pasar!!!

No trespassing! Sometimes, it decides to take our spaces and reminds us that he arrived before.

Muelle / Pier

Dock for the boats, when the flow allows to sail


The Ebrobus sometimes travels its waters

Solo / Alone

I titled this photo Lonely. Now is the time to remember that we are not alone

¿Lloverá? Is it going to rain?

Stormy clouds will pass. It may not be soon, but in a while we’ll enjoy some moments together.

Los novios y la noria

A happy couple, for a happy ending.

Usually, on Sunday mornings I go by and very often I walk along the river. Now that I can’t do it, preparing this post has allowed me to take that virtual walk.

Take good care of yourselves and stay safe!

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16 thoughts on “A River Runs Through It

  1. I begin to run out of words for how beautiful your posts are Ana, but this week you have quite simply outdone yourself. Your images are stunning and your closing thoughts on point. Stay safe out there.

    Liked by 1 person

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