Stay at Home

¿Hacia dónde va el mundo?

Empty cities, to save the world.

In my country Spain we are on alert, the government has asked us to stay at home as much as possible. In some areas the coronavirus is spreading in an alarming way, we have to stop it and that is everyone’s job.

 So I’ll have to find things to do…  Cleaning is not an option!  😉

Cuando ya no quede nada de mí (Fotomatón)

Review photos…


Sinatra, ayer, hoy y siempre

Sinatra is always a good choice…

Mi guitarra

Improvise some music…

Reading and some tea…

We’ll always have Netflix…

Today I see the world in black and white, I hope that in a few days we will hit the bull’s-eye on the coronavirus and return the color.

Tiro con arco tradicional

Greetings and health for all.

9 thoughts on “Stay at Home

  1. Una gran selección de fotos para ilustrar unos momentos tan críticos y lo que podemos hacer hasta superarlos. La que encabeza, con la emblemática Plaza del Pilar zaragozana con su bola del mundo al frente, resulta de lo más significativa. Confiemos en que esta película distópica que nos ha tocado protagonizar, termine pronto. Salud y un gran abrazo virtual.

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  2. Nice photos, it clearly reflects the situation the world is facing now. Italy cases are alarming, stay safe, stay locked and hopefully the world will be of colours once again soon.


    1. That’s right, Robert, at that time we all thought it was going to end soon. Now, we are all tired, but we must be prudent and take care of ourselves to take care of others. In Spain we have had some very hard weeks, again, perhaps not with so many dead, but with a very complicated hospital situation. Now everything is beginning to normalize, again, but we must be very careful and not let our guard down. In the month of December there are many days of celebrations and we cannot neglect.
      Take care and be healthy. 🙂

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