A Magical Moment

Once upon a time on a cold February morning, a girl was walking in the countryside near her home, as usual with his camera, taking pictures.

That day the FROZEN PUDDLES on the floor had caught his attention, until a tree, by the wayside, spoke and made her lift her eyes from the ground…

Good morning!”, said an unknown voice.

The girl looked everywhere, trying to find the one who had greeted her, unable to believe it was the tree…  But, as he had a great imagination, she immediately thought that could be one of those magical and wonderful things that happen at times.

“Good mooorning!”, the girl replied with little confidence.

“I realized you didn’t lift your eyes off the floor and you weren’t gonna notice me”, the tree complained.

“Sorry, I was looking at the icy puddles“, the girl apologized.

The tree sighed, “Yeah! you just come up to us, when you need some shade or if you hear some birdie singing among our branches”

As she looked at him, she realized how interesting his image was and spent some time around, taking several photographs. The tree seemed to enjoy the moment, spreading his branches to the sky, playing with the sun’s rays.

Finally, they bid farewell, both glad to have shared that magical moment…

…and snip, snap, snout, this tale’s told out.

I assure you that this wonderful story, happened to me one day… More or less! 😉

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