Treasure Hunt

Sombra arbusto

My shadow is ready for the Quest

Well, well, well… what a fun challenge Tina has thrown at us this week!  We are going on a Treasure Hunt!!!

And what are the treasures we need to look for? There’s a list…


  • Challenge Items: Sunrise and/or sunset, Something cold and/or hot, a bird, a dog, a funny sign, a bicycle, a seascape and/or mountain landscape, a rainbow, a church, a musical instrument, a boat, a plane, a waterfall.


But a brave woman like me, I’ll get the special…

  • Extra Credit Items:  An expressive portrait of one or more people, a very unusual place, knitting or sewing, a fish, an animal you don’t normally see, a bucket, a hammer, a street performer, a double rainbow, multiple challenge items in a single image.

La cazadora y su presa

“Expresive portrait” My friend seems to have hunted her treasure…

Siesta en el Louvre

An “unusual place” for a nap




“Bucket” Christmas Parade for a cleaner city

Músico callejero / Street musician

“Street performer”

“Double rainbow”


“Multiple challenge items” Sunset, seascape and birds

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18 thoughts on “Treasure Hunt

  1. Well – what a gallery! You really found some treasures worthy of the name! And extra credit as well – excellent finds! I love the owl a bit extra of course…

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  2. Superb as always Ana – your treasure hunt resulted in so much extra credit there’s little left for anyone else :-). And that giant bucket could also double your extra credit because the figure on stilts next to it is a street performer as well. Dazzling response!

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you very much John. Sometimes my English doesn’t allow me to understand well, I thought you were talking about the owl photo. Of course, the place for a nap was totally unusual. 😉

          Liked by 1 person

  3. Love the bucket image but my favourite is the unusual place for a nap. The shadows or reflections off the water on the building bring it alive.


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