How difficult to talk about the future with photographs that always tell us about past moments.

Sombra playera

Sometimes when I think on the future, I see it bright but fuzzy at the same time. It emerges from my head, from my thoughts, but escapes without being able to remedy it. When it arrives, it will no longer be future, it will be present, it will be past..

Future… We can’t reach it.

Por la mañana temprano, soy más alta

When I was a child I was afraid of growing up, I was afraid of that adult future. When I reached that future, I did not understand the fears of that child.

El árbol fotógrafo

Future of multiple options.

We can try to direct ourselves to our future in a straight line, like the trunk of a tree, but we will always arrive at a tangle of branches…

In any case, throw the arrow of your future from the instinct, directed to that which illusions you.

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