Madrid is the capital of Spain but I have to confess that it is not one of my favorite cities.

I think there is some resentment in my feelings ( history, politics…) and took me a long time to visit it.

The first time I went with my husband in March 2015, I almost forced myself to it, I felt guilty for having been in London or Paris before than in the capital of my own country.

I didn’t take too many pictures, I was still not comfortable there.

We went around the center, I found some streets a bit dirty and crowded (negative feelings, still there…)

I found it much more pleasant to walk through the park of El Retiro, a very beautiful place.

Something positive (finally…) that I found in the capital, the number of museums and exhibitions that can be seen. On that first visit I had the good fortune to coincide with an exhibition of my admired Chema Madoz, a poet-photographer or a photographer-poet…

That same year in October I had the opportunity to repeat the visit, this time accompanying a group of Fujifilm X-photographers. I didn’t take many pictures of Madrid either, I was more interested in my fellow photographers.

I think I’ll be back this year, we’re planning with some friends to spend a few days in Madrid, I’ll tell you if I start to feel a little better there

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27 thoughts on “Capital

  1. Madrid, what a fantastic city … very elegant and proud. It took me with surprised and I’m planning to go back in winter so I can have the city all by myself because there were massive queues to everything and a bit too hot for comfort in September. Thanks for wanting to play with me.

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    1. Thank you, Viveka 🙂 Yes, I also think it’s a little better if it’s not summer. But Madrid is always full of people. Enjoy the trip!


    1. Hey, on this blog the only one who can speak bad of my country, is me!!! hahaha

      I think especially the most touristy cities, but we have places with a lot of charm. 🙂

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  2. Despite your feeling Ana your opening image is a beautiful composition. Having read your history post I can understand your hesitation. They say time heals all wounds. Perhaps that’s true for cities too

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    1. Yes, you are right. And I admit that I am beginning to feel less rejection for my capital, although I don’t think it will become one of my favorite places.


  3. Capitals and big cities are sometimes difficult to be “understood” in a short visit!
    But for sure after some time the many opportunities will arise and catch with your interests. Love the Chema Madoz photos, poetry and photography are a good combination! And I like your last photo, with the small human beings immersed in such a geometry! Well seen and well done! Never been in Madrid but soon or later I’ll make a visit, at least to visit the Prado !


  4. I am glad you finally visited anyway…hope you are too. I love the Retiro park and the museums. Go to both when I visit Madrid. That wall of plants – it was the first time I saw anything like it then. History and politics can make me not wanting to go to some countries and some cities…so I understand your feelings a bit. Beautiful city shots – where was the last one taken? I don’t recognize it at all!

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    1. I’m sorry to say that I haven’t visited Valencia or Seville, but they’re on my list of pending visits.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂


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