Favorite Photos of 2019

First of all, I would like to thank the “Girls of Lens-Artists” who are there every week challenging us with new themes and wish them and all those who participate in its challenges a happy new year full of amazing photographic ideas.

Below I present my favorites of 2019, some for the image itself and others for the moments lived.


Alone or with company by Ana V. on 500px.com

Alone or with company

Twisted line by Ana V. on 500px.com

Twisted line




Tree beach by Ana V. on 500px.com



Earth's deepest boatman by Ana V. on 500px.com


Black and White

Stairs to heaven by Ana V. on 500px.com

Stairs to heaven

Marine reflections in the night by Ana V. on 500px.com

Marine reflections at night

Framing the clouds by Ana V. on 500px.com

Framing the clouds

Which one do you like better?

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19 thoughts on “Favorite Photos of 2019

  1. A varied and beautiful gallery – I love your presentation: “…some for the image itself and others for the moments lived.” That is what favorites of the year is all about. Personal choices, for different reasons. My favorites (all of them of course…) , if I have to choose, must be twisted line and stairs to heaven. Lines and details, composition – feels so right inside.
    May you have a great 2020!

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  2. A wonderful selection. If I had to pick just one, that’s hard, how about two? I’ll go with Alone or with Company, and Framing the Clouds, but they are all great shots.

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  3. Beautiful shots! It’s hard to pick one favorite, but I guess I would say the black and white boats at night. That is just simply beautiful, and you nailed the contrast and tonality. I love it. Thanks for sharing, and Happy New Year!

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  4. Thank you, Ana, for being a wonderful contributor to the challenges! Your kind words made me smile!! Wishing you all the best in the new year. (I voted for the marine reflection at night, but it’s hard to pick a favorite!)

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  5. Excellent photos. I couldn’t choose a ‘best of show’. I thought they were all very good. For someone who ‘plays to be’ a photographer, I think you do well. In my opinion, a good eye is the first prerequisite, and I think you have that. Well done. Best wishes for 2020.

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  6. The twisted line is very special, you show a great selection. I vote for the last one, lines and depth, sea and the clouds, it’s an amazing image.

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