On display

These days I have continuously in my head… food, drinks, menus… I have to prepare for the family the dinner and Christmas lunch.  Cooking’s not my thing, I cook just enough to survive, so making food for a lot of people stresses me out.

So I’ll see what menu I can prepare with my photographs “On display”…

 Chinatown (New York)

Let’s start with the appetizer: Dried Shrimps.

I haven’t tried them and I think my family prefer grilled prawns.

Boquería (Barcelona)

One of the main dishes: Ham (Of course, from Teruel, the best one)

My husband loves to have a “leg” of these in the kitchen, to go cutting… And me wishing it was over, it doesn’t fit with my modern kitchen…  😉

Brussels (Belgium)

Drinsks:   No beers for Christmas

Some wine and cava brut nature, from Cariñena.

Typical sweet of my city: “Frutas de Aragón” sweet fruits covered with chocolate

For dessert it could be some “Fruits of Aragon

But at Christmas the typical is the nougat and surely mandarin ice cream.

Well, well, this post has been of great help to me, I almost have the Christmas menu.  Now I’ll only have to prepare it…   😦

Enjoy the festivities!

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