Seeing Double

Cervezas belgas / Belgian beer
No, I haven’t been drinking, I’m just following Tina’s challenge this week.  Although when I finished this Duvel in Brussels, I had to go to the hotel for a while to take a nap.  😉

Cerillas a dos manos

Very difficult task trying to turn on both at the same time and also make the photo.

Humo / Smoke

After the fire, the smoke always comes


¡Gané! / I win!

My friend was looking at me a bit worry… I was learning and I didn’t know how to stop… 😮

¡Victoria! / Victory!

Double victory! I won the race and learned to brake


Claveles / Carnations

A soft touch of petals


Spiky hug

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23 thoughts on “Seeing Double

  1. Ana, you just keep on amazing us with your beautiful images. The matches and the smoke are really fabulous and the two gloves are just so clever. Thanks for your wonderful response to the challenge

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    1. Well, skiing is not my thing, I changed skis for racquets, which are much safer and, in my opinion, allow me to enjoy the landscape better.

      Thanks, Celia 🙂

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